Born in 1980, Işıl Kurmuş has lived in many countries, Canada, Pakistan, France, Hungary and Tunisia. She is currently living and working in Turkey in Ankara. She studied law in Paris, then turned to artistic studies. She obtained her Bachelor's and Master's degrees at the Fine Arts in Tunis, where she has started her doctoral work. Her work is based on a multidisciplinary practice that crosses a variety of temporalities and media. She combines different types of printing techniques so as to invest, question and provide an offset and illustrated reading of places and objects that daily surround us. This concern for exploration is not confined to spaces, objects or persons, and expands to systems where rules are well-defined. Her practice is renewed as she strives to push the limits of a pre-established order, while inventing parallel worlds and networks with multiple meanings. This is manifest in the physicality of her approach: each work relates to the hand, to the touch. The reproduction and combination of the printing methods – whether manual or digital – require a contact with the invested surface and allows her to weave the threads of the networks.

Her recent work includes: the colonization of Google’s “images” page; the transformation of school equipment into engraving tools, calling into question the learning skills taught in schools; a re-interpretation of ornamentations by incorporating well-known figures of art history; or shadows of hands "stolen" to internet users.

Her work has been exhibited in Istanbul (Tophane), in Ankara (Tosca Gallery) and Tunis (Bibliothèque Nationale de Tunis, Galerie AGorji, Palais Kheïreddine, Palais El Abdellia, Galerie Kanvas), among others. In 2011 she was awarded the first prize in a competition organized by Aicha Fillali at the Centre Des Arts Vivants de Radès. She had her first solo show #foundandlost in 2016 at Galerie AGorji.

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