Selected Press & Exhibition Texts

~German Embassy in Ankara

Ankara Sanat Patikasi

Text by Attila Güllü (Tr)

Interview with the curator Attila Güllü (Tr)


Touched and thrilled //Tahassus ve Heycan

Exhibition text at Galeri'Nev in Turkey/ Ankara

Text by Günhan Akarçay (Fr)

Translated by Ayça Akarçay (Tr)



Exhibition text at Kunstenlab in Deventer / Nertherland

Text by Günhan Akarçay (Eng)

~IAM Intense Art Magazine

Kerkennah embarque pour les rêves numériques : Entretien avec le curateur Hejer Chelbi

~Inter Ajans

Deventer, 2018

Text by Günhan Akarçay (Fr)

~état d'urgence

Tunis, April 2017

Click Here to view in French

~La Presse

Tunis, April 2017

Texte by Meysem Marrouki 

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